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A healthy balance. A dose of wellness that exceeds the recommended daily allowance of multiple vitamins in one easy-to-take tablespoon.* A burst of overall health from nineteen amino acids. Nutraburst 72 minerals

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What others are saying

The name Freedom Kit is a perfect match. Because that is what this kit did for me. Helped me jumpstart my health in the right direction. I feel better and have more energy than i had before. What are you waiting for?? Come free your body and detox!!

Sharron Savage

This coffee has been my go to for weight management as well as weight loss for the last year and I am very impressed with how it works. I have tried other products and none of them can even compare to all the benefits you have with this product. I will keep buying as long as it's available to me. Down 37lbs. Without exercise, just a good diet.


The nutraburst and a miracle in a bottle, so much contribution, so much well done, so much energy, felt on my form, my skin, my hair, ... the completely complete complement

Elodie Breton